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Brazilian Food Recipes like Brigadeiro,Caipirinha &Feijoada

Many of you know that I recently married the most wonderful Brazilian man.  He was born in Brazil but he has lived in America since he was 3 years old…of course,he still loves Brazilian cuisine (and I can’t say that I blame him!).  So part of my new year’s resolution for my first year of married life is to learn how to cook Brazilian foods!  You can follow my progress over at

I learned how to make a delicious Brazilian chocolate truffle called Brigadeiro from a Brazilian friend Yuri when I went to the University of Cambridge.  My husband was definitely impressed that I already know how to make brigadeiro before I met him (and you would never believe how super easy and impressive looking this recipe is)!  Here is a video of how to make Brigadeiro,made by your truly!

My first step in learning how to cook Brazilian Food was to get a wonderful book called Brazil:A Cook’s Tour by Christopher Idone,and to begin cooking away! I have made Brazil’s national lime drink called Caipirinha,Brazilian black beans called Feijoada and really amazing Brazilian cheese rolls or cheese bread bites called Pao de Queijo.

Come with me on my journey of Brazilian cuisine at!

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