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Sweet &Sour Meatless Meatball Recipe

Who knew that vegetarian meatballs could be so good?  If you are looking for a meatless meatball recipe,definitely give this one a try.  I doubled the recipe and have enough meatballs now for quite a few meals this week!  If you aren’t a fan of sweet and sour meatballs,you could just as easily do this with tomato sauce and skip the sweet and sour sauce.  I think that next time I might add a bit more garlic and also some onion powder…another idea to play with would be adding in some mushrooms which can give a nice texture and flavor to vegetarian meat recipes.  I am terribly sorry that I don’t recall which one of my fabulous friends gave me this recipe years ago (so I can’t give whoever it is proper credit!),but I did write down that Linda Drachman had a similar recipe in the Jewish Exponent in 9/6/2001.

Sweet &Sour Vegetarian Meatball Recipe

Sweet &Sour Sauce Ingredients:
–1 large can tomato sauce
–10 ginger snaps crumbled in food processor
–3 TB brown sugar
–3 TB lemon juice
–3 TB raisins (I leave this out because I hate raisins)

Meatless Meatball Ingredients:
–1 cup ground walnuts
–1 cup parmesan cheese
–1 cup matzoh meal (though you could probably use bread crumbs)
–3 eggs
–1 tsp garlic powder
–2 TB chopped parsley


1.  Blend the ginger snaps in a food processor until it is a fine powder.  Put this on the side to use in the sauce later on.

2.  Put the walnuts in the food processor and run until it is finely ground up.  Add the rest of the meatball ingredients to the food processor and mix well.  Since I doubled the recipe and I do not have a massive food processor,I processed all of the ingredients except for the eggs.  Then I beat the eggs in a bowl and mixed the ingredients from the food processor into the beaten eggs.  You will be left with a nice “faux meat”mixture that will look like this:

Vegetarian Meat Mixture

3.  Form the meatless “meat”mixture into balls and brown them on all sides in a skillet with oil over medium heat.

Vegetarian Meatballs Cooking

If you are like me and have double the recipe,then you will have to cook the meatballs in multiple batches because you will end up with a big container of meatless meatballs like this:

Fried Vegetarian Meatballs

4.  Next,you want to combine the tomato sauce,brown sugar,lemon juice and raisins together in your pot.  Bring to simmer on low heat and let the vegetarian meatballs cook in the sauce for 40 minutes.  Stirring often to make sure it does not burn.

Vegetarian Meatballs In Sweet &Sour Sauce

5.  Add the finely ground ginger snaps and mix to combine.  Let the pot simmer for another 10 minutes and the sauce will get really thick and delicious.  Make sure you stir a lot and keep a close eye on the pot,because ginger snaps can burn quickly if you aren’t careful.

Sweet And Sour Vegetarian Meatballs

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