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Costco’s Genova Tonno Tuna

I am usually a huge fan of Costco and their products.  One of my friends told me that their canned tuna,Genova Tonno Tuna,is imported from Italy and much better than regular canned tuna.  I heard at a culinary course at the 92nd Street Y (the Y in Manhattan) that Flott and Callipo,two brands of tuna both imported from Italy,are amazing and completely different than your Starkist or other standard canned tuna.  I always wanted to try it out,so I thought I’d give Costco’s Italian imported tuna a try.  I must say that I am not terribly impressed.  It just seemed like a more expensive can of regular tuna.  The smell was equally fishy,the taste was essentially the same,and honestly I like albacore tuna better.  I still want to get my hands on a can of Flott tuna and Callipo tuna,but until that point,I will stick to the “standard”canned tuna.

Here is a photo of what Costco’s Genova Tonno Tuna looks like…granted you can’t see how it tastes from my photo,but you can see that it looks like every other can of tuna:

Costco Genova Tonno Tuna

3 comments to Costco’s Genova Tonno Tuna

  • Aaron

    I like Trader Joe’s canned Alaskan salmon. Very tasty in a salad with low fat mayo,lemon juice,chopped onion and ground pepper on toasted Trader Joe’s Tuscan Pane bread and sliced cheese! 🙂

  • Andrea Jestes

    i think your weblog is wonderfull how long you been blogging?

  • Nina

    Tonno Genova is yellowfin tuna,the best tuna money can buy. There’s a reason they don’t give you albacore sashimi,you get yellowfin sashimi. For years I’ve been buying solid white albacore but recently tried Tonno Genova and I will never go back to “regular”tuna. Keep in mind I didn’t realize it was yellowfin until after I ate (and loved) it so my opinion wasn’t skewed. The tuna has a milder flavor,I just love it.

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